Some thoughts on getting YouTube Traffic

I was just responding to a post over at the Warrior Forum and I thought I would copy it here as well. The question was on how to get more traffic on YouTube:

Here are my basics.

You need to make sure you do the best YouTube SEO that you can. Including such forgotten items like the name of your video file, make sure the file name includes keywords.

Use a custom thumbnail and name that with your keywords as well.

Create a good SEO title based on other successful videos in your niche.

Do a long form description.

Don't put in a list of keywords in the description instead work the keywords into the text of the description, just like doing a successful blog post.

Put in the first comment a day or so after uploading your video. A thank you for watching comment always works.

Make sure you ask for subscribers at  the end of the video, in the description, and in a comment.

Once you get above 1000 subscribers YouTube will begin to show your videos more frequently in the side bar.

Make sure you use your main keywords in the start of the video, Google transcribes the first minute or so of the video and will pull keywords from there if they find any.

Don't bother with purchased views, after all you want real views to respond to your call to action, purchased views never click on any links and never buy anything. Besides it is illegal on YouTube and they will shut down your channel if caught.

Lastly keep in mind that YouTube videos also show up well on Google. About 50% of my YouTube video views come from YouTube searches and the other 50% come from Google. So when you are doing your SEO keep Google in mind.

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