179 Videos       12.5 hours       Materials

179 Videos       12.5 hours       Materials

Learning Photoshop Elements Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

Move Objects Before


Move Scale Objects After


  Have you wanted an easy way to edit photos but al the programs just seem too hard to learn?

  Do you want the ability to clean up water spots and tears on old family photos?

  Or brighten up photo of your child that just came out too dark?

  Or would you like to design fun holiday cards using built in graphics and type styles?

Dog in field, original

Dog in field with changed background

  You can easily do all of this with Adobe's Photoshop Elements.
  The best photo editing program for individuals and hobbyists.

  But how do you use this program with all of its different tools, panels, and menus.
  It can be very confusing and daunting when you first install it on your computer.

  That is where this training comes in,
  I make using Photoshop Elements easy.

  • All about Photoshop Elements 2022
  • Including Training for the Organizer and the Editor
  • How to use Auto and Manual Edits
  • All About Important Basic Jobs
  • How to Edit Camera Raw Photos
  • How to Use Layers
  • How to Use the Text Tools
  • How to Improve your Photos
  • How to Retouch Portraits
  • The Quick and Guided Edit Modes
  • How to Get the Most out of Blend Modes
  • How to Use the Advanced Editing features
  • How to Use the Filters
  • And Much, Much More,
    Full list of Photoshop Elements Course videos below:

Image in Text HAWAII
Image in Text

Fathers Day card design
Card Templates

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Sample background changeArt Styles

Through a Combination of Practical Demonstrations and Step-by-Step Projects You Will Quickly Master the Power of Photoshop Elements 2022


• Online Course - Immediate Access
• Perfect for Beginners
• Learn the Tools, Menus, Panels
• Organizer and Editor Training

• Windows and Mac

Taught by Training Guru George Peirson,
our Photoshop Elements training guides you quickly and
easily through comprehensive, step-by-step video tutorials.

Try the training for FREE!
 Photoshop Elements 2022 Course Module-01

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Act Now to Get These Valuable Bonuses at No Additional Cost
Get all of the projects shown in the videos as Photoshop Elements PSD files
for you to use in your copy of Photoshop Elements.
Download all of the images used in the training and more so that you can work along
using the exact same photos and images as shown in the video lessons
Along with the course videos, all lessons are also included as downloadable mp3 audio files
which can be played in audio devices and smart phones.
Printable Keyboard Shortcuts List for all the shortcuts in Photoshop Elements 2022, both Windows and Mac.

When you need Photoshop Elements Training, There is a Difference

Regular Price $79.95
Online Version
Limited Time Sale Price $39.87

After your purchase wait for the screen to take you to the registration page
where you will setup a username and password

Photoshop Elements Training Modules





Intro and Tour
Using the Training
PSE Home Screen
Organizer Tour
Editor Tour
What's New in 2022

Organizer Basic Jobs
Import Images
Working with Images
Albums and Folders
Watch Folders
Add Tags
Ratings, Visibility
Add Location
Add Event
Search/Auto Curate
Instant Fix
Contact Book

Editor Tour
Other Bottom Buttons
Quick Edit
Guided Edit
Expert Edit

Quick Edit
Quick Edit Overview

Guided Edit
Guided Basics
Move, Scale Objects
Make Perfect Landscapes
Create Modern Duotones
Black & White
Frame Creator
Perfect Pet
Extend Background
Fix Pet in Expert Mode

Guided Photomerge
Scene Cleaner

Expert Basic Jobs
Open New
Close Save
Save for Web
Camera RAW
Working with Layers

Other New Features
Quote Graphic
Adjust Facial Tilt
Moving Photos
Moving Overlays
Image Warp
Artistic Effects

Tools Panel
View Tools
Select Tools
Enhance Tools
Draw Tools
Modify Tools
Color Picker



Other Panels
Color Swatches
Panel Bin and Reset

Change Background
Change Background Intro
Using Selection Tools
Using Refine Edge
Using Layer Masks
Graphics Backgrounds
Change Background Project

Photo Retouch
Photo Retouch Intro
Moving Objects
Clone Stamp
Photo Retouch Project

Portrait Retouch
Using Healing Tools

Photo Repair
Photo Repair Intro
Smooth Skin
Photo Repair Project

Remove Person
Remove Person Intro
Remove Person Project

Dodge and Burn
Dodge and Burn Intro
Using Dodge, Burn, Sponge
Dodge and Burn Project

Smart Brush Tools
Using the Smart Brush
Smart Brush Project

Convert to B&W
Black and White Intro
Convert to B&W Tool
Adjustment Layers
Fade to B&W Project

Open Closed Eyes
Open Closed Eyes Tool
Open Closed Eyes Layers

Baseball Card
Baseball Card Intro
Shapes Tool
Baseball Card Project

Valentine's Day Card
Valentine's Day Intro
Layer Styles
Card Project

Colorize Photo
Colorize Photo Intro
Colorize Photo Project

White Balance
Adjustment Layers
White Balance Project

Landscape Intro
Haze Removal
Landscape Project


Photo in Letters
Photo in Letters Intro
Using Clipping Masks
Photo in Letters Project

Colored Pencil Sketch
Colored Pencil Intro
Filter Gallery
Blend Modes
Colored Pencil Project

Glitter Text
Glitter Text Intro
Pattern Fill
Lens Flare
Glitter Text Project

Effects Panel
Filter Panel
Content Aware

More Create
Photo Prints
Photo Book
Photo Calendar
Photo Collage
CD Jacket
DVD Jacket
CD/DVD Label

More Edit
Copy Merged
Paste into Selection
Stroke Selection
Define Brush
Define Pattern

More Text
Text on Selection
Text on Shape
Text on Custom Path
Text Inside Shape

More Enhance
Adjust Smart Fix
Adjust Lighting
Adjust Color 1
Adjust Color 2

More Select
Subject Select
Grow and Similar
Transform Selection
Saving Selections

More Filters
Correct Camera Distortion

YouTube and Last   Word
More Projects on YouTube
Final Thoughts

Bonus Projects
Greeting Card Expert Mode
Impressionist Painting
Pencil Ink Sketch
Change Background
Cover Girl 2018
Cover Girl 2019


















How To Gurus - Photoshop Elements 2022 Training

Regular Price $79.95
Online Version
Limited Time Sale Price $39.87

After your purchase wait for the screen to take you to the registration page
where you will setup a username and password
   Move Scale Objects After