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  1. some of the features aren’t working for me anymore, such as the burn tool. it doesn’t even work at all when I try to use it. My question is, if I deleted the software can I redownload and install to try and fix the issue?

    • Make sure that you are working on the correct layer. None of the tools have stopped working in the program. Also make sure you have the correct opacity setting, if it is too low you may not see the effect. And if you are working on an area that is already at 100% saturation you will not see an effect.

  2. Hi George, I got your training course a while ago and can’t find how to use a mask on purchased templates. I want to make a scrapbook page out of a template I bought with my own pictures but can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the photo onto the template and have t behind the black mask that’s there already. When I drag the photo onto the template, it doesn’t go behind the black mask. Is there any videos you have done on you tube or in the training course that I can watch to help me out? thanks much…Kathleen Ritter ( it used to be Gonzales)

    • Hi Kathleen, since there are almost no templates online for Photoshop Elements, I am guessing that you purchased a template for Adobe Photoshop. Chances are that it will not work in Photoshop Elements. The reason is that most templates for Adobe Photoshop use Smart Object Layers which contain a lot of additional layers that actually run the template. Photoshop Elements cannot use those layers correctly.

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